Rise and Shine! Start time is 5:00 am.

Okay, you don’t have to shine, but you will need to rise. The start time for this year’s walk has been moved up to 5:00 am. (What’s another half hour between friends?) See you bright and early! Or dark and early. Either way, early.

To help you prepare for the walk, here are some key details to know (which you can also find on our FAQ page):

When is the event?
September 12, 2015. It will take place rain or shine.

Is there a cost to register?
No. We do, however, invite participants to make a donation to 100% of Humanity, this event’s charitable partner.

Where and when does the event start?
We will meet in the parking lot immediately west of the LDS temple in Provo at 5:00 am. The temple’s address is 2200 Temple Hill Dr, Provo, UT 84604. If you would prefer to drop your vehicle off in the parking lot at the South Towne Mall instead of leaving it in Provo, meet on the south side of the mall (near the Village Inn) at 4:15 am. We will carpool from there.

When does it finish?
Our goal is to finish in less than 20 hours, which means arriving at the Salt Lake Temple around midnight or later.

Will there be aid stations?
While this is not an officially supported event, we intend to provide snacks and water periodically along the route (roughly every 3 t0 5 miles). These stations will move with the group, so be aware that if you are far ahead or behind the pace of most participants, aid stations may not be available for you. Your best bet is to plan on being self-sufficient during the walk. Nearly the entire walk takes place on public trails or along streets that have fast food restaurants, convenience stores, etc. Plan on using these for food, water and bathroom facilities.

Will there be other support?
Yes. In addition to the aid stations, we will have a support vehicle on course that can bring supplies to participants and offer a ride if a participant withdraws.

What is the route and is it marked?
We will send a detailed route map via email prior to the event. In general, we will walk from the Provo LDS Temple to the Salt Lake LDS temple via main roads and walking/bike paths. The route is not marked or sign-posted out on the road. You will need to obey all traffic laws and it will be up to you to use good judgment along the route. Part of our walk will take place in the early morning and again late at night so we recommend bringing some safety gear (see suggested list below).

What should I bring?
You will be able to leave one small duffel or backpack in the support vehicle. We recommend that you bring a fanny pack or backpack to carry anything you will want to have with you along the route. There’s a good possibility that you could go hours between seeing the support vehicle. A suggested list includes:

  • Cell phone
  • Wallet
  • Reflective vest
  • Body Glide (or something to prevent your thighs from chafing)
  • Blinking LED tail light (and extra batteries)
  • A headlamp
  • A hat that covers your ears
  • Layers of clothing
  • A rain coat (and maybe an umbrella)
  • More than one pair of athletic shoes
  • Multiple changes of socks
  • Band aids, athletic tape, Neosporin
  • Ibuprofen, aspirin or something else to help relieve sore muscles
  • A small bag / fanny pack – something to carry your phone, wallet and other necessities
  • Sunscreen
  • Sunglasses
  • A water bottle or CamelBak
  • Walking stick (optional)
  • Headphones
  • An indomitable attitude (or at least a “can-do” one)

How will we communicate on course?
Please plan to have your cell phone with you on the route. We will provide the mobile numbers of the support vehicles in case you have an injury or need to withdraw. Also, we will be forming a Facebook group to interact with each other to share interesting/funny/thoughtful moments during the walk.

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