Thank You!

Well, that’s a wrap on the 2015 WalkFifty. I just wanted to thank all of you for your help, for your determination, and for your upbeat, positive energy. It was pretty inspiring to watch you all out on the road.

Regardless of how many miles you completed, you all put in an incredible effort and should feel very proud. For the record, the 50-mile finishers were:

Justin Bloxham
Robb Enger
Phil Hoskins
Sean Fleming
Brandon Prince
Hannah Farnsworth
Robert Campbell
Stewart King
Robert Bell
Abbie Zahler
Bryan Miller

I’d like to thank everyone who helped organize and execute this event:

Our sponsor NutteButtrs provided the bananas, oranges, apples and almond butter to help fuel your journey. You can give the owner, J Degenhardt, a shout out at J and his wife Rachael also helped man the aid station at Stop 7.

Dr. Josh Christensen volunteered his time to give adjustments/treatment at Stop 7. You can find him at or 801-451-6010. If he helped you along the way, please give him a shout out on his Facebook page or send him an email at

Derrek and Tari Degraaff, Chris Cole, Jeremy Roberts, Jason Shelley, Heather Dawn Miller and Andrew Johnson volunteered their support at the aid stations and out on the route.

Robert Bell, in addition to literally walking his feet off, provided considerable help in the planning stages.

Michele Nell worked behind the scenes, giving us valuable administrative support.

And of course Uche Onwuegbu, the man in the van, was everywhere—before, during and after the walk—doing absolutely everything. This event doesn’t happen without him.

Last but not least, the mastermind and/or madman behind all of this: Bryan Miller. If you enjoyed the event and felt the camaraderie and energy behind it, please thank Bryan. I know that he is very grateful for your participation and really wanted everyone to have an enjoyable time (pain notwithstanding). He was constantly texting or calling Uche and me during the entire walk, ensuring that everyone was being looked after. Thank you, Bryan, for asking me to be involved.

If you get a chance to thank the above people, in person or online, I’m sure they’d appreciate it. And I apologize if I missed anyone. Please let me know if I did.

Also, there are great photos and lively conversation on the WalkFifty Facebook group. If you still haven’t joined and want to check it out, click here and request to join.

Thank you for the donations to 100% of Humanity. We have received several donations in the days following the walk and we are looking to quickly deploy those funds, making micro-loans to individuals in developing countries. If you wish to donate, you can do so here.

Thank you again and we’ll see you next year!

-Brett Hullinger
Event Coordinator

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