WalkFifty is a family. We help each other. Encourage each other. Push each other to accomplish a seemingly insurmountable task. No one does it alone.

Volunteers are a big part of our family. If you are a positive, supportive person with a desire to help people on a difficult journey, we would love your assistance. Come and be part of a transformational experience (while avoiding the blisters, exhaustion and pain)!

Here’s how you can help:

  • Aid station volunteer
    • Provide water, food, directions and emotional support at designated rest stops on the route
  • Support walker
    • Walk alongside participants for designated segments of the route (particularly in the last 10 miles, when walkers need emotional support and a friendly face)
  • Support vehicle
    • Provide roaming assistance and supplies to walkers out on the road

You do not need to be available for the entire 50-mile/20-hour event. We ask you to be available for a 4-hour time slot. The walk starts at 5:00 am in Provo and ends at approximately midnight (or later) in downtown Salt Lake City.

If you’d like to help our walkers on their journey, please fill out the form below. Thank you!